A Night with ff, Help It Grow



I am Sofi da East, a Master in Eastern Energy, a graduate of the Virtual Feminist University. Advanced Certificate in Self-Photosynthesis. Experienced Producer and the Figuration of Zoe.


We are inside the Virtual Feminist University, in the main hall, surrounded by walls made of glass. Inside the building live early eukaryotic plant organisms. They nourish themselves with rainwater that drips through the architecture. It supplies them with elements essential for the process of photosynthesis. The whole building is supplied with energy from the sun.


In the faculty of the Backwards Progress, in the studio for energy transformation, a special code is being developed, which allows for the introduction of a change in the mitochondrial level, so as to transform human beings from consumers into producers of energy. Thanks to the program „Learning from Bacteria“ the direction of the metabolic pathway is being changed from the endogenous, that requires external nourishment, into an exogenous one, which is characteristic of photosynthetic organisms.

The transformation of homo sapiens into femo energeticus is mostly visualized as a reversed nourishment pyramid, at the bottom of which is a living creature, a new coded Wo/man, that produces energy.

The energy is divided into 3 levels: warm, mild and cold energy.

On the top of this reversed pyramid there are no consumers, because the energy doesn’t need any, it converts all the time, it circulates.

to be continued…



Photos: FF