I Feel the Future Embraced by Summer



Performance with K.Kubik, “Quietly mincing”, 2013


“Sleep the good one next to the bad one” with Ch.Hesse, 2013



Part of the exhibition in the Silverado Gallery in Poznan (The Real Time Controller I) and in Warsaw (The Real Time Controller II)

‘Controlling Real Time’ by Dorota Perszko

The fundamental ambition of a repetition strategy is to create a secondary reality so as to convey the most credible truth about our original self. This desire, however, is inextricably bound up with a paradox, for every repetition no only contains difference but also produces it. The element of utopia is thus embedded in the question of reconstruction, copy or repetition. This Derridian notion of repetition actually transforms the sense of failure into a value, engendering a space for new meanings. The point is not to archive success under the guise of identification but to shift it. This gives a rather ironic feel to Real-Time Controller, the title of an exhibition that finds its repetition in the Zacheta Project Room, raising a series of questions about the nature and chances of repeating absolutely organic assumptions…




“I feel the Future embraced by Summer”, Z. nierodzinska, 2014


Fot: Silverado