Encounter at the Virtual Feminist University, Poznan, Paradox. 09-11.2015





With a surprise I realize that for a good few minutes I haven’t breathed and I don’t feel bad for it. Semi-darkness reigns here. My new sport footwear sticks on an unstable ground, the walls are soft in touch and pleasantly warmed up. My body is moving and my sight is slowly becoming accustomed to the darkness. I recognize the outlines of shapes. I am going downstairs. Seemingly everything is alright with me, although it is hard to assert if I am not breathing. For Egyptians breath was identified with the soul – Ka. It makes me feel unpleasant at the thought of being left by my Ka. I am moving ahead. It is getting continuously warmer, I am not sure if I should go further.


  • Welcome Sofia!
  • ?
  • You are awaited.

I hear the voice, feel it’s warmth, but I do not see who is directing their words towards me. The intensity of the sounds around me is increasing, they come from the nooks, corners, turns, holes and hollows. Possibly due to the very high temperature and humidity my coat of skin is starting to decompose. I am a witness to the dispersion of my own epidermis into epithelium tissues, tissues into pentagonal and hexagonal cells and cells into organelles, protoplasm and nucleuses. I cannot turn my sight away from the place my hands used to occupy, until just now an active shoal of particles. I raise my head, which does not weigh anything…

  • Dear creature, we appreciate your journey to us. We knew that it would happen, but we hadn’t supposed that you would find your way so fast.

A moment ago you were subjected to the process of a backward progress. Your human body was coming back to its primal form, an accidental collection of particles. As you have probably already realised the attempt did not end up successful. Your human habits are too strong and they rise against the energy of a change. In spite of your average abilities for empathy and the hard to eradicate belief in human rationality I give you permission to start a learning process at the Virtual Feminist University at the Faculty of Backward Progress and Photosynthesis. The length of your stay is estimated at 28.5 Billion kilometres. Good luck!




Fot und video: Piotr Macha

Drawings: Sofi da East