Leopardisointing 4.12, Acud, Berlin



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During the opening and on the weekend (Sunday, 13.12 at 3pm) I will show the performance Messenger, which is based on texts written during the virtual Skype encounters between students and tutors from the Aalto University in Espoo and the Universität der Künste in Berlin, whilst working on the mutual exhibition project. Performance is aiming to be a material entanglement of words, things, spaces, times, feelings, conceptions and irritations that accompanied us while dis/connecting bits in bytes in the virtual space in/between Helsinki and Berlin.

IMG_8284 (1)Fot. Ch.Hesse

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The head of Souvi fills the whole rectangular space of the screen. Her face is purple blue, considerably darker than the surrounding of the classroom in the Aalto Art University Building situated in the north of Helsinki.

This particular day in the place behind the screen seems to be much more sunny than at the other side where my physical body is situated. The waves of light shine through Souvi’s hair and stop at the flat Retina display. I feel the cold consequences of the virtual impossibility to transport their warmth.

Verschränkungen sind keine Verflechtungen separater Entitäten, sondern vielmehr irreduzible Beziehungen der Verantwortlichkeit. Es gibt keine fixierte Trennlinie zwischen „selbst“ und „Andere“, „Vergangenheit“ und „Gegenwart“ und „Zukunft“, „Hier“ und „Dort“, „Ursache“ und „Wirkung“. •


Lost in connection. Jelena’s apartment, paper labyrinth leads to the master thesis. I have to bend down, while walking into the corridor, a papier mache altar in the dinning room…

Jaakko is trying to make Acud neu machen.

Helsinki-Berlin entanglements, Moskau ist nicht vorgesehen.

Tanja, Maria, Pia, Nico and Suvi are eating chips in one of the classrooms of the Aalto University’s building situated in the north of Helsinki, actually Espoo.

We are enjoying a white chardonnay taste together with baked apples and figs at the Waldstrasse 15, 10551, Berlin: U-Bahn Turmstr.

We are losing our virtual connection again.

assemblage leopardoisa_Seite_01S1120044 (1)



Material irritation.

We are talking about the title. Leopardisoida, Leopardisoiding, leoparidisjoing, Leopardis Oida, a secret GBD agent, former belly dancer in Cairo, Egypt, recently sleeping.

assemblage leopardoisa_Seite_07

I am wondering how big is a plastic sphere of the great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch.

Recently I heard that a new art of bacteria evolved, that could digest plastic, Plastic is a laboratory manufactured cellulose, which means that there are no synthetic materials on earth.

I am waiting for the moment when my stomach would be plastic and I could chew the bits in bytes with my blue tooth direct from the computer

‘Messenger’ and Maria Mastola ‘Unpleasant and appalling #1’, waste wood, screws, glue. Fot.Ch.Hesse


how far are we from each other?


Baltic sea, Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

One call,

three lost connections,

second call,

this time without video life transmission.

Is the sun shining in Helsinki?

Is it warm? What is the smell of Finnish educational institution? Are you hungry? I do not feel the warmth of your breathings.

The sky between Helsinki and Berlin is flat. Our substances are quadrupled and multiplied. If you could see it Tanja, your nose in the right corner like a two-holed black sun filling the space of the virtual room, Nico´s head is coming from the nostrils…

It is 3 o´clock in Helsinki, in Berlin 2 pm, our virtualities meet in the in-between time, on the half of the way, in the half-time, one third of time, one sixth of time. Do we see our representations before or after?

Where do the lost connections hide? Is there somewhere a virtual storage for the lost conversations and disconnected videos?



assemblage leopardoisa_Seite_05

  • Barad, K.: Agentieller Realismus, Berlin 2012.