Demonstration; we all are single mothers! We all are seasonal workers! We all are refugees!


12th of February 2016, 14:00; 15:30 pm
Humboldt Carré  Behrenstraße 42 10117 Berlin Mitte

For solidarity in the European Union; for everyone.
a demonstration by the Poles in Germany

Today the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mrs Beata Szydło, is giving a lecture in Berlin and has a meeting with the Chancellor of Germany, Mrs Angela Merkel. We – Poles living in Germany – would really like to greet her warmly. Unfortunately, the labor, social and migration policies endorsed by the Polish government and Polish EU officials force us to welcome Mrs. Prime Minster with the words of critique aimed at the social cuts, restrictions of labor and migration laws.
In the negotiations with the British government, the EU leaders, including those of Poland, trade away our most fundamental rights guaranteed by the EU treaties. The EU leaders agree to restrict the freedom of movement and the social rights of the European workers. We do not want the future of Europe to be based on depriving those in need, including Polish workers around the world, of their rights. To survive, the European Union needs more equality and solidarity.
Europe is not only xenophobia, colonies and exploitation. Europe is also a continent of equality, emancipation and solidarity. We want a European Union that does not apply its universal values selectively to a few cases, we want a European Union in which everyone has equal rights. It implies a solidarity based social politics, instead of cuts in . The inhabitants of Greece, Germany and other EU countries have been showing for months that they want to share with the refugees, that they want a
social politics of help and hospitality not only in their countries but in the entire European Union. Movements advocating for social and labor rights that have been spreading across Europe show that the time of neoliberalism has passed and that it is the right moment for politics of equality.
We – those who come from Poland as well as our friends from other EU countries and from the entire world – have come here to express our disagreement with Polish politics of restriction of labor rights, of selective social politics and of anti-refugees actions and declarations.

We all are seasonal workers! We all are refugees! We all are single mothers!

For solidarity in the European Union; for everyone.


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