FF Night Circle: Feminism matters


 ƒƒ 2nd Night Circle – Feminism matters

April 16th, 7p – April 17th 10am

Berlin (location announced to those participating)
This, second of four, ceremonial night circles is a collaborative, self-organisational format and depends on contributions from all participants. We will be spending an entire night together celebrating, discussing, sharing and dreaming. Its an intimate and ceremonial format that allows us to connect to each other and to exchange and develop ideas on the basis of friendship, experimentation, celebration and solidarity. Everyone contributes by bringing in ideas, topics for discussions, materials, food, drinks and music.

image: Detail from Allegory of Good Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, 1338-40


Feminism matters

What is a matter of feminism and how feminism matters?  This question was posed during the one of the FF’s monthly meetings, which were taking place from the end of January till March 2016th. The theme of the meeting in January was: The entanglements of New Materialism, feminism and art. The title of the Night Circle refers to the topic of our discussion back than.
I suggested to deal with the theory of the New Materialism, even though I am not a physicist or philosopher, because I find this reflexion relevant as well to art and feminism, as to the academic theoretical disciplines. The material theory not only breaks with the binar distinction on an active mind (culture) and a passive body (nature), but also empowers the bodily matter. The matter or material (body) is here considered as an active substance, which does not await conceptualization, but co-produces it. Theory in the light of Mew Materialism is neither something that once happened in the distinguished heads of greek philosophers nor is a work of an individual creative mind, but is a process, which emerges between bodies in situations (like our Night Circle), which are always collective experiences. The human mind is than any more a privileged place where the theory could be created, accumulated and separated from the rest of the world. Thinking is a worlds daily experience and humans are a part of it, just like plants, animals and other creatures.

The title: Feminism matters points out on active, transformative qualities of feminism, where the women’s movement is understand not as a negation of a patriarchy, but as a space of a constant change, which goes beyond a stability of essence positioned beyond the symbolic realm. Feminism is a vibrant material experience, which entangles cultural codes with corporeality.


Fot. Dorota Walentynowicz, Costium: Aubrey Heichemer