Wracając do Białowieży/ Returning to Bialowieza


Project of Sofi da East “Soaking up the Wilderness. Research on the Home-Made Utopia” is a part of the exhibition “Returning to Bialowieza”, which is on view for two months- from 13.05, in the Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok, Poland.

The exhibition is based on the experienced made by PhD students of the University of Arts in Poznan, Poland, during the one week artistic residency in Bialowieza – the oldest primary forest in Europe. Based on the concept of Janek Szewczyk and Tomek Koszewnik.


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The project of Sofi da East consists of 12 pencil-drawings on paper, which visualize the process of cultivation and growth of the Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher.

The fruits need eight days until they are ready to be picked up. Afterwords they are pickled in a hot mixture of water, vinegar and herbs. They are preserved  in a small jar with a golden cap following an eastern traditional recipe.

“Soaking up the Wilderness. Research on the Home-made Utopia” is an educational social project, which could be easily reproduce in every haushold, no matter how advanced are the skills of the person, who repeats the experiment at home. It is addressed mostly to those homo sapiens, who would like to widen their affective abilities and try some alternatives within the humanistic routine. The pickled mushrooms conserve the nature_cultural processes and show creative possibilities of matter, which thickens in situated installations. The project is developed within the laboratory research of the Virtual Feminist University and is financially supported by the Psychotronic Society of the Speculative Mushroom Pickers.



  1. fot. Marek Wasilewski, 2. fot. Maciej Zaniewski, Galeria Arsenał, 3. Sofi da East

Sofi da East Nasiąkanie puszczą...bild_Seite_1Sofi da East Nasiąkanie puszczą...bild_Seite_2


fot. Maciej Zaniewski, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok.