This is precarity, a text-based meeting at the KN Raum für Kunst im Kontext, 03.11 at 7 pm, Berlin




This November (03.11 at 7 pm), Vanessa Gravenor and Zofia nierodzinska are organizing conversation on the migratory forces of art labor bringing different participants together to share and talk about experiences. We will discuss the neoliberal turn in artistic capital as well as the exploitation of idea based capital within the art market. We will discuss texts by Rosi Braidotti, Pamela Lee, Lane Relyea, Sabeth Buchmann and Kuba Szreder and also analyze the distinctions between migration as a neoliberal force distinct from migration as a purely economic and politically defined movement.

It is hard to speak from all perspectives at once. It is hard to speak, while you are moving. Nomadism could be a very tiring and vulnerable state of being. 
Lets take a woman subject — never historically localized and stable entity — for a long time not even recognized as belonging to human beings. One may say that women were always delezians — in the state of becoming — long before the postmodern philosophy named it.

Nomadic philosophy of becoming of Gilles Deleuze and some others before, was made to deconstruct the classical power structures, but did it from a very situated white male perspective, for whom this/his disspositif was an obvious point of departure. Women, as mentioned before, were always psychological nomads, without roots and countries of origin, as Virginia Woolf put it. Under-covered with the name of some-body else, at homes, which not belonged to them.

with: Sonja Hornung, Richard Petiffer, Indrani Ashe, Shannon Lewis, Lisa Schwalb, Carleen Coulter

fot. Vanessa Gravenor