Work in crisis. Who picks up asparagus in the time of pandemic? / article




For all of my German and Polish speaking friends, here is the text about seasonal workers in the time of pandemic publish by a&k. I wrote it with a big support from Maximilian Czarnecki and Judith Geffert. The Polish version of it was published by Czas Kultury. I hope for the discussion, which will initate some not necessary new, but fairer ways to deal with the crisis and the urgencies it creates.

“As a result of this sudden interest in invisible work, I hoped that this would lead to a discussion on how to improve the livelihoods of workers and caregivers; that questions would be raised on why there is still the inequality between work considered as creative (better paid and symbolically valuable) and the one considered as physical (cheaper, symbolically degraded), between the shifting value of labour according to gender, racialization, nationality and status, the abuses to which they lead, and also what European solidarity actually means when the work of a Polish or Romanian worker is worth four times less than that of a German one.”